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for baltimore metro area for another storm that may come later this week. the first batch of precipitation is likely to be a rain-snow makes and changeover to more snow as the night goes on. the storm is still down in florida and is expected to swing off the coast and curve back in our direction. lowell melser is in brooklynville. the folks you have been talking to are probably happy. >> everyone breeze a sigh of relief. it is kind of mild out here right now, considering the time of year. no matter what, we can handle anything at this point. that is evident here at the state highway complex. the salt dome is stacked, and
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they are ready if we should get anything tonight in baltimore city. >> the state is ready. we have plenty of salt. we have gassed up the trucks and they are loaded with salt. the men and women have rested, so whatever mother nature brings us this time, we are ready. >> here we go again, maybe. the state highway administration is poised to deal with whatever we get. one of the hardest-hit areas in the last two storms, the mayor is confident that the latest possible storm should not be too much to handle. >> i know many people would be happy if they never saw so again. i would probably fall into that category this week, but we are ready. >> our equipment and our people are ready to go again. >> the city's debarment of dissertation she says plows and
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crews are in position, but he hopes this time around they will get more help from people who live or travel through the city. >> we ask the residents that it again pull your car off the street and put it in a driveway, please do that. try to park as close to the curb as you can so that our trucks can get through those smaller streets. we also asked residents to be patient with us. >> some important things to remember there. at this point, we will just have to wait and see what mother nature is going to throw at us at this time. we'll have another update after the olympics. >> you can follow the forecast 24 hours a day using our interactive radar that allows you to track the weather right down to your very street. just 02 and there is a link on the homepage. now to city hall, where the new
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city council president has restored helen colston. stephanie rawlings-blake had removed her from her position because of the charges. the spokesman says that young has a different view than the mayor. >> a legal opinion issued to date by the maryland attorney general opens the door to same- sex marriage equality in maryland. effective immediately, all state agencies must recognize and grant same-sex couples the same route rights as heterosexual. >> the reaction is strong and swift. it ranges from jubilation to disappointment, and also includes a threat of impeachment.
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>> much like a driver's license. people are allowed to drive in maryland with a valid pennsylvania drivers license. >> the long-awaited legal opinion is intended to be used as a guide in the maryland judicial system. most significantly, it does have an immediate impact on state agencies. >> state agencies will now recognize out of state gay marriages, as of right now. >> the opinion is the law until or unless the general assembly or the courts decide differently. a montgomery county democrat ask for an opinion last may, and the israel with results. >> thousands of couples have licenses elsewhere and others may be thinking about it. >> there is a bill calling for them to be allowed to get
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married in maryland. delegate in in terms is not surprised, but thoroughly disappointed in the opinion. -- --emmett burns. >> there are many silent persons against this, who are not saying anything about it right now. delegate burns predicts the issue will be decided and defeated by a voters through a referendum question. delegates dwyer points to a rolling back in 2007 by the state's high court that the issue must be decided by the maryland general assembly. >> he has usurped the authority of the maryland general assembly.
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>> i believe the law actually requires conviction by a court to impede an attorney general. >> governor o'malley issued a statement saying he expects state agencies to comply. he declined further comment, but he is on record in support of civil unions. >> lawmakers are considering a bill designed to keep drug drivers off the street. it would require convicted drunk drivers to install an ignition interlock and their vehicle. drivers must hum into the device to start the engine, but if they are over the legal out of limit, the car will not move. the alcohol industry is not on board and believes the devices are more appropriate for repeat offenders. >> fed chairman ben bernanke is not offering any clues as to when interest rates may increase.
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in his semiannual report to congress, he said record low interest rates are needed each ease the nation's >> obviously a deployment is the biggest problem we have. we need to find ways to address that issue. >>, has begun addressing the unemployment issue. today the senate passed a tax bill centered on tax breaks for businesses who are unemployed workers. the bill is now headed back to the house. the plan intended to fix the pension problem for the city's police officers and fire fighters require something from all parties involved, retirees, active employees, and the taxpayer. jayne miller is live in the newsroom with details. >> under these recommendations, police and firefighters might have to work longer to get benefits, and the city might have to be used to a bigger budget line item to keep the plan afloat. the recommendations released today are intended to ensure
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city police and firefighters get a secure retirement without breaking the bank. that is not the courts now. >> the system is not sustainable for the city. it will result in significant financial challenges for the city. >> don fry is the head of the greater baltimore committee which sponsors the pigeon and -- pension plan task force. the problem has the mayor stephanie rawlings-blake trying to fill a $64 million hole by the end of june. it recommends combining six different funds into one, and says it is time to switch to a fixed cost of living formula for annual increases, rather than the so-called variable benefit in place now. >> doing those two things alone would result in savings of about $31.5 million. >> other recommendations include imposing a rule of 75, some
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combination of age in years of service before being eligible for benefits. they can currently require after 20 years of service, regardless of age. the task force calls on the city to be more consistent about its contributions to this is >> this is a good starting point. >> leaders of the three unions say the new recommendations include proposals that have already been put on the table. >> teh gbc report is not out of line with a lot of the things we have been saying. >> the next stop for the report, a city council hearing next week. police and firefighters do not participate in social security, making the fix to this engine problem all the more urgent. the four recommendations issued today are on our website.
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>> the state fire marshal has released its review of fire deaths in maryland and braque commence that residence in -- and recommends residents be more involved in fire safety. it is a 22% decrease from 2007, when 94 residents died in fires. the state fire marshal said every citizen should make for sure their family has a working smoke detector in their home. >> when it comes to morning shows, no other show has had more olympic accessed and "the today show." >> we will take you for a look behind the scenes at the fun. >> see of team usa rises to the occasion or bows out of the graigame, later in sports. >> it will see where the storm will impact the eastern seaboard
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of the united states. right now, temperatures are mild with 42 at the
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>> "the today show" can thank the time difference for the early wakeup calls. >> the crew is now thinking you for watching their live olympic coverage every morning. >> you know your show is a big deal when you can move mountains. or at least take over one. grass mountain is "30 rock" west. >> we are taking a tramp up the
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side of the mountain. >> you watch it all the time in new york, but you are not there. >> the show goes live at 4:00 a.m. because of the time difference. >> the people we wanted not on the tram at 2:30 a.m. and came up here to join us. >> it gets al little hot and smoky. >> there can be huge payoff if the fans get up early. >> become of to grass mount at 4:00 in the morning, you have to be full of fun. >> matt lauer signed my poncho. >> all my clothes smell like i have been in a barbecue pit.
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>> it does look like fun. the first 100 visitors to grass mountain made it into the studio audience. most of them stayed up until 2:00 a.m. to get there in time. time for our olympic text questions for the day. which of these boards would you most like to try yourself? -- which of these boards would you most like to try yourself? standard text messaging rates apply. here is a look at the voting so far. 27% said they would like to try out the bobsled. 26% would like the store bought -- snowboard cross. we will update the results following the coverage of the winter games. >> now, your forecast would chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer picks a changing
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forecast, but the doppler shows the first edge of this storm coming in. a mixed bag of rain and snow anticipated early this evening, changing to also showers later this evening. two parts to the storm, one in the ohio valley. the second part is still coming from the florida eastern seaboard where they had thunderstorms around daytona earlier. where they combine, it will provide the ingredients for a major winter storm. this time it looks like it will be to our north. in baltimore today, it was relatively mild. the normal high temperature is 47 degrees. we actually had 47 at the inner harbor, 45 at bwi marshall. we still mr. normal by 2 degrees. the record high was 80 degrees
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back in 1985. nothing in the precipitation column yet. with temperatures above freezing, we should not have major problems early on. it is 44 degrees downtown right now and pasadena is at 43. it is chillier up toward the pennsylvania line are back in the mountains. we should not have a lot of slippery problems tonight. there is a warning on the eastern shore, and a winter storm watch around baltimore for friday with the second part of this storm may come at us. the main target right now is this area covered in purple up to the north from the mountains of new england into upstate new york. that looks like they will get hit by the hardest part of the winter storm. the area of low pressure in for a combined with arctic cold coming in from the west, and the changing storm track has changed
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the outlook. the big question has always been, where does it go from that point? yesterday it was coming right into central new jersey. on that track, we were in the target zone, but today the indications are it will go farther north and then make a shift. that changes the forecast dramatically and pushes most of the heavy snow away from us farther to the north. there'll be some snow showers in the area late tonight and going into tomorrow morning. we might get a light accumulation, but the heavy band is up in eastern new york and maybe metro new york. the storm will rotate and then come back down from the north. friday, we may catch the second part of the system and it may linger in our area into
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saturday. yesterday this was the potential, but with the changing storm track, the heavy snow moves much farther to the north and we end up with just a couple of inches of snow. it does look like we will have to deal with very strong winds. steadily increasing tomorrow throughout the day, and a chance of snow showers throughout the day. fleury's endo and saturday, partly cloudy sunday, and march arrives -- flurries end on saturday, and march arrives on monday. >> today's quarterfinals game between the u.s. and switzerland makes the case for letting them play. it was a nail biter the whole way. the u.s. team advances to the semifinals with a 2-1 win.
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ryan kessler appears to score a goal, but they waved it off. the podcast to clear the line at the goal mouth before time runs out. as you can see, it is on the goal line as time expires. two minutes expired in the third. the u.s. has its first gold of the gain -- first goal of the game, 1-0. the u.s. is now just two wins away from its gold medal as a knockoff switzerland, 2-0. no new medals today for the u.s. in vancouver. the u.s. and germany each have an olympic high seven gold medals, the most so far in these games. america's youngest olympic speedskater tries to take a step closer to the medal stand tonight in vancouver.
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the 18-year-old speedskater almost quit the sport last year. friends and family talked him away from tossing out his skate spirit he changed his trading approach and is now just a couple of big nights away from winning an olympic gold medal. the olympic experience has already made it well worth his while. >> a definitely surpassed my expectations. i don't know what the olympic atmosphere is like, but it is very positive. >> the terps men's basketball team tries to bring its winning streak to four in a row tonight when maryland host clemson. the rule of thumb remains, at 10 pence at the acc should lock up
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a bid for the n.c.a.a. tournament. clemson beat maryland earlier this season by slowing the terps down. >> i think it is important that we play our game. we know what we have to do, and we are good and we can stay within our game experience we were not able to do that against clemson, and it is not one specific area. it is making sure we play our game, and hopefully will be -- we will be able to do that. we will be able to do that.
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>> the carrousel at the anarchists and be no more. what the owner says it will
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>> windy weather coming in through friday. a big storm headed for new england. >> we will have the latest for you tonight
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